A personal CodeCheck for everyone

CodeCheck, a Zurich based startup offering an online product compendium via an app, has today announce that it is introducing a personalization feature in the app. In the future each user can set their own weighting of the evaluation circle, based on their personal interests, needs and purchasing habits.

CodeCheck scans for various ingredients including microplastics and bio palm oil in products, simplifies shopping for individuals looking for gluten-, or lactose free products, and warns vegans and vegetarians of inappropriate products. The app has already been downloaded 4.5 million times.

Today, the founding team of CodeCheck has introduced a personalisation feature in the CodeCheck 5.0 version to allow users to customize the app-settings based on their individual needs and interests. As of today, all users can set their own weighting of the assessment circle: on the basis of personal interests, needs and purchasing habits. The displayed alternative products are also selected on the basis of these settings and thus have a correspondingly higher relevance for the users. CodeCheck, thus reaches all those who deliberately shop in one way or another.

Individual settings for individual consumers
While some people must avoid gluten or sugar, others want to avoid palm oil or microplastics in products. CodeCheck offers curated profiles for all types of people including athletes, sustainable-minded or health-oriented people. All settings can be further refined since the influence of sugars or microplastics varies for every group. This new feature enables everyone to have their own personal code check.

To make this possible, CodeCheck’s algorithm was completely revised and compared with other scientific sources, for example, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In addition, the new corporate design was fully integrated into the app. Therefore, a profile must be created for personalization and to allow the settings to be used on devices.

CodeCheck 5.0 is now available free of charge from the App Store or from the Play Store.