A new partner and investor for Numab


Numab’s presence in Asia is continuing to grow: As its third collaboration in the region, the startup is joining forces with 3SBio’s Subsidiary Sunshine Guojian for the development of a portfolio of novel multi-specific antibodies in Immuno-oncology. The new partner will also invest CHF 15M as part of Numab’s series B round.



Numab Therapeutics is a biotech startup specialising in the development of multi-specific antibodies for cancer immunotherapy based on its proprietary MATCH technology platform, which represents one of the most versatile and flexible sources for multi-specific antibodies. The company’s drug candidates are designed to balance potent anti-tumour immunity with a desirable safety profile. In addition to its existing Asian collaborations with Esai and Ono pharmaceuticals, Numab has entered a new partnership with 3SBio’s subsidiary Sunshine Guojian, one of the first batch of innovative biopharmaceutical companies focusing on antibody drugs in China. Together, the partners will focus on the development and commercialization of a portfolio of novel multi-specific antibodies for the therapy of cancer-based on Numab’s technology platform. Under the agreement, Sunshine Guojian has the right to select up to five antibody molecules emerging from up to three multi-specific antibody programs based on Numab’s R&D platform. The partner will also have exclusive licenses to develop and commercialize each of the selected antibody molecules in Greater China territories, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, while Numab retains exclusive commercial rights in the rest of the world. “Numab’s proprietary MATCH technology has generated a robust pipeline of multi-specific antibody drug candidates with our lead program ND021, an anti-4-1BB x PD-L1 x HSA tri-specific antibody, entering clinical trials in 2020. The alliance with Sunshine Guojian is a continuation of our strategy to work with committed, world-class partners in Asia that are ideally positioned to develop and commercialize our multi-specific antibodies in this important region. Our partnering model has allowed us to establish a growing pipeline of innovative drug candidates and retain key commercial rights in Europe and the US,” commented David Urech, Chief Executive Officer of Numab Therapeutics. New funds for NumabIn addition to the partnership, Numab has secured CHF15M equity investment from Sunshine Guojian as part of its series B financing. The funds will support Numab in the further expansion and advancement of our portfolio of multi-specific antibodies, as highlighted by Urech. Zhenping Zhu, President of Research and Development, Chief Scientific Officer of 3SBio, has joined Numab’s board of directors. Further financial terms were not disclosed. “The investment and collaboration with Numab are consistent with our goal to explore promising therapeutic strategies that address the significant unmet medical needs of cancer patients in China,” said Jing Lou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 3SBio. “Accessing Numab’s cutting-edge multi-specific antibody technology platform and its product portfolio in immune-oncology complements our existing R&D establishment and strategy. 3SBio regards innovation in research and development as a main pillar of the enterprise and we are looking forward to collaborating with the Numab team.” (Press release)