A new investment for IRsweep

IRsweep, the provider of high-performance mid-infrared sensing solutions has closed an investment round with a Switzerland-based industrial company as an investor. The funds will be used to speed up market entry.

IRsweep was founded as an ETH Zurich and Empa corporate spin-off. The startup offers cutting edge optical sensing solutions based on semiconductor quantum cascade laser (QCL) frequency combs in the mid-infrared spectral range.The spectrometer combines high measuring speed and brightness in an unprecedented manner. Many biological and chemical processes happen within microseconds and thus far, spectrometers were simply too slow to measure those occurences. IRsweep brings light into the dark and will play an important role in developing treatments for specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently, the startup raised an undisclosed amount of funds from an undisclosed company as their investor. The funds will used for industrialization of their first generation instrument and to accelerate market entry. Under the investment agreement, the investing company acquires a stake in IRsweep.

“I am excited that we found a competent partner with whom we can take our product to the next level and I look forward to exploring additional applications”, said Markus Geiser, Managing Director of IRsweep.

As a result of the collaboration, IRsweep will move its premises close to the investor’s headquarters. Both companies have strong ties to ETH Zurich and view the close proximity as an asset, which will create synergies in the areas of information exchange and accelerated development. Furthermore, the proximity will allow to take advantage of mutual experience and technology leadership.

Picture: IRsweep's new infrared spectroscopy.