A new cohort joins the ESA BIC CH Accelerator


Five new startups have joined the ESA BIC CH Accelerator program. Over a course of 2 years, each start-up will receive financial support of 200’000 Euros in addition to business and technical support and mentoring from the extensive partner network.


ESA BIC Switzerland is a business incubation center by the European Space agency, run by ETH Zurich. It supports start-ups that are using space technologies: either technologies from space adapted for the use on earth or solutions from the earth that could be adapted for the use in space. Thus far, 29 start-ups have been incubated, of which 8 are already alumni. Following the recent selection round, the jury has nominated an additional five startups that will further develop their solutions with the ESA BIC CH team. The new cohort comprises of the following startups: Cysec Systems – formally known as ArcaTrust, Cysec is developing cybersecurity solutions for ground and space data. EH Group – is developing compact, robust and cheap hydrogen fuel cells for a cleaner environment and a decarbonized future.  GRZ Technologies – the startup uses hydrogen to store electricity from solar and wind for a 100% sustainable energy future. Neuralconcept – the EPFL Spin-off developed the first 3D deep learning software solution dedicated to computer-assisted engineering and design. Polariton – is developing the world’s fastest and smallest modulators, overcoming limitations in telecommunications and sensing.Sartups that are interested in benefiting from the program may submit their applications until 31 October.(RAN)Photo:NASA on Unsplash