A fruitful year for Business Angels Switzerland


In 2019, Business Angels Switzerland invested 2.8M in start-ups, as revealed in a report to startupticker. Out of the 20 financing rounds in total, 11 were new investments.


Business Angels Switzerland is an association comprising private individuals who are will willing to invest time and money in small, newly founded companies with innovative projects. The club consist of approximately 100 members split over two branches, Lausanne and Zurich. Throughout the year, the association organizes pitching events for Swiss start-ups.

Indeed, the member’s engagement has been reflected in the previous club success. According to the recently shared report of BAS, last year, just like 2018, was a fruitful year. BAS members invested 2.8M in different start-ups of which 11 were new investments (1.8M) and nine were follow-on rounds worth 1M. The participation in follow on rounds varied from 1 to 15 members. Remarkably, each investment had a different leader, showing the strength of diversity and the richness of cross-experiences. Each member contributed between 1 and 11 million. “We are very proud of the engagement and solidarity that our members showed in 2019 again, as no one is compensated for its Due Diligence activities, said Frank Frank Gerritzen, spokesperson for BAS.

The following start-ups received investment from BAS in the previous year

Alao – comparison platform providing individuals with tailor-made suggestions for telecommunication subscriptions within a few minutes.

Service Ocean – developed an appointment software for service center and sales.

Beo Therapeutics – develops new oral microbiome therapies that counteract diseases caused by modern lifestyle such as gouty arthritis, hypertension, NASH and chronic kidney disease.

Clear Space – with its satellites, the startup aims to clean the space by removing any non-responsive and functioning satellites from their orbits in space.

Eduwo – built an independent Swiss rating platform for education.

Haya Therapeutics – is developing an exclusive and innovative anti-fibrotic treatment for myocardial fibrosis and heart failure.

Inarco Chemie – provides tailor-made products for the industrial cleaning sector.

KOMP-ACT – is developing cost-effective electric actuators to replace pneumatic actuators and to reduce machinery energy consumption.

Optune – the first B2B booking platform connecting all stakeholders in the live music industry.

Perseo Pharma – founded as a spinoff of Inofea, Perseo is developing therapeutic enzymes for the treatment of cancer and rare genetic diseases.

Smeetz – offers an augmented marketing and sales software for leisure activities organisers

SY&SE ­developed a technology that allows different types of glass to bind to metal.

(Presse release / RAN)Picture: moritz320 / Pixabay