A Federal Councillor, a party and a new award at Swiss Startup Days

The Swiss Startup Days will include for the first time a startup night and an award for persons who are shaping the Swiss startup ecosystem. The public voting is now open. On the second day of the event, Johann Schneider Ammann will again deliver a keynote speech.

The Swiss Startup Days offer entrepreneurs, startups and like-minded individuals the opportunity to grow their network, learn from experts and peers, as well as meet potential partners, supporters, corporates and Investors. Since the opening of the registration phase, the organisers of the event have confirmed almost 200 registrations. Registration for the event is ongoing.

Masterclasses, panels and experts on the first day
Unlike the previous Swiss startup days, this year the event will be hosted on two full days – 24 and 25 October. A wide range of events designed to allow participants meet their goals at the event. On the first day of the event startups will get insights from experts and startup champions. The program has now been fixed. Ten Best Practice sessions covering topics ranging from due diligence, term sheets or incentive plans to exit strategies and IPOs will be offered. Following this session, startups will have the opportunity to meet the experts, investors and start-up champions on three panels to ask the questions. In culmination of the event, startups will meet with experts and start-up champions in 1:1 meetings to get feedback and input from in a speed dating mode.

The first day will end with an Investor’s Dinner (by invitation only) and - with a party. The first Startup Night is organised by the ETH Entrepreneur Club will start at 7 PM in the same building as the Investor Dinner.

Johann Schneider Ammann as keynote speaker
Federal councillor Johann Schneider Ammann has again been confirmed as keynote speaker on the second event day. He will also provide answers to questions from the audience. Other highlight of the second day include “Investors on Stage”, one to one meetings, panels and the pitching battle.  

In a similar fashion to the previous events, the Swiss Startup Invest offers startups a platform to pitch their innovation to the audience. 60 startup will pitch on three stages where each startup will deliver a three minute pitch. While stage 1 is designed for Bio-, Med, Accelerators, and Interdisciplinary startups, stage 2 is for ICT, Services, Fintech, Accelerators, and Interdisciplinary startups, and stage 3 for Micro/Nano- and Cleantech as well as Accelerators. A winner and runner up from each stage will be determined by the audience though public voting.

Prior to the pitching battle, there is an elevator pitch scheduled for 30th September 2017 and 9th October 2017 in Zurich and Basel respectively. Startups will have an opportunity to attend a pitch training in preparation for the pitching battle. Aspirants to the pitching battle are invited to submit their application until Sep 25th 2017.

Musketeer Award
This year, for the first time, individuals and organisations that are contributing to the development of the Swiss startup ecosystem will be awarded at the event. Out of the 12 nominated individuals, three Musketeers will win a prize. The public voting is now open.

The nominees include. Jordi Montserrat, venturelab; Beat Schillig, venturelab; Thomas Knecht, >>venture>>; Philip Bodmer, Volkswirtschaft Stiftung; Greg Inauen, ETH Entrepreneur Club; Christina Kehl, Swiss Finance Startups; Stefan Kyora, Startupticker; Pascale Vonmont, Gebert Rüf Foundation; Penny Schiffer, Swisscom; Mike Baur, Swiss Startup Factory; Christoph Birkholz, Kickstart Accelerator and Marc Walder, digitalswitzerland.