A deeper look into the Swiss start-up ecosystem

A first wave of articles about the Swiss start-up sector was published by several magazines and news portals around the world earlier this year. After noticing that there are some really cool start-ups in Switzerland Inc.com, venture capital firm Atomico, CNBC and others now take a deeper look at the Swiss start-up and innovation ecosystem. Our start-up press review.

Inc.com: Switzerland Is Big on Innovation, but Short on Startups. Here's How It's Trying to Fix That

Entrepreneurs are trying to stake their spot in Switzerland's long history of innovation.

Atomico: The State of European Tech 2016 - the future is being invented in Europe

Following the success of last year’s inaugural State of European Tech report, Atomico has teamed up with Slush once again to produce an in-depth look at what’s going on in the European tech ecosystem. One of the major trends that Atomico has identified: New tech hubs are emerging beyond the traditional order of London, Berlin, and Stockholm. The report suggests Munich, Zurich, Lisbon, Madrid, and Copenhagen will be ones to watch over the coming years. Zürich definitely has built a strong Position in AI/VR/Big Data.

CNBC: Nationalism is not putting a damper on the startup sector

The 2017 edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Index, which is being released today in connection with the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, has found there is a "race to the top," with leaders passionate about economic growth driving their countries' efforts to foster entrepreneurship, according to Jonathan Ortmans, a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship, and president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which produces the index with the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute in Washington, D.C. Switzerland, which was in eighth place last year, saw the most dramatic rise among the countries in the top 10, with its score driven by the quality of local start-ups and "very strong" scores in high-growth firms, product innovation and the application of new technologies.

InnovationManagement: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success

Switzerland – a tiny country with few natural advantages – has become incredibly successful in the world of banking, pharmaceuticals, machinery, and more. James Breiding, author of the bestselling book, Swiss Made, explores the enabling factors for innovation in Switzerland. He makes the point that when an entrepreneur comes up with a new and innovative method or product, there will be resistance from those who have accepted the status quo. Entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs need to have thick skin if they wish to disrupt the market.