A busy year for the Go Beyond community


In 2018, the Go Beyond community invested in 15 start-ups. The activity fields of the start-ups range from biotech to freeride skis.


Go Beyond is currently focused on the Swiss and EU markets, with experience in the US. According to its latest investor report, which was published in June 2018, Go Beyond is comprised of about 700 early-stage investors from 41 nationalities across five continents. In total, the community contributed to 200 financing rounds in 15 countries.

In 2018 the community invested in 15 Swiss start-ups. These include:

ActLight (Series C) - developed a disruptive technology in the field of light sensors. ActLight operates in markets like mobile and wearable devices, healthcare/medtech, autonomous driving, drones and robotics. according to an article in L'Agefi ActLight raised CHF3.5m in this financing round. 

ARTIDIS (convertible loan) - develops a nanotechnology tool for cancer diagnosis and treatment, which will dramatically reduce the time to accurately diagnose breast cancer and faciltate personalized treatments. 

Elthera AG (seed round) – is a biopharmaceutical start-up company developing proprietary, first-in-class oncology drugs using a personalized health care approach.

Faction Collective (growth financing) - manufactures high-performance freeride and freestyle skis as well as a full range of backcountry gear and technical outerwear.

Fastree3D (Series A) – is a fabless semiconductor company designing image sensors for spatial awareness for industrial and automotive applications.

Fotokite (Series A) - combines aerial and ground-based robotics with patented flight control algorithms to create a kite-like tethered drone system. 

Kinarus – (bridge round) the biopharmaceutical company develops differentiated medicines in areas of stress related inflammatory processes based on cross disease area target assessment.

Scientific Visual (Series A) - develops quality control systems for optical materials to improve watch, LED and smartphone production.

We have already reported about seven other rounds to which investors of Go Beyond contributed. These include investments in Attolight, Cellestia, Flyability, Imverse, Luckabox, Lend and Versameb. In addition, Investors from the Go Beyond community had been involved in the seed financing round of Nemis Technologies, a joint-venture between Biosynth and RAMOT, the Tel Aviv University business Engagement Center.