$58 million to bring autonomous piloting software systems to the market

Daedalean AG has closed a financing round of CHF 53M (USD 58M). The raised capital provides the company with the runway to bring its Machine Learning based Visual Guidance, Navigation and Control suite to market over the next four years.

Daedalean is developing the next generation of AI-based systems for application in safety-critical flight control for existing aircraft and drones able to take -off and land vertically (eVOTL) for example air taxis and heavy-lift drones. The funds from the financing round enable the Zurich-based start-up to bring its product suite to the market. Investors include Carthona Capital, Amino Capital, Redalpine Venture Partners, and Honeywell Ventures.

Daedalean has a team of 50+ people with expertise in systems design, machine learning and computer vision, aviation-grade software engineering, flight testing, safety assessment and certification. The company has worked with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and with the US Federal Aviation Administration to define appropriate means of certifying safety and fitness-for-purpose of machine learning based safety-critical avionics systems for navigation, collision and terrain avoidance and landing guidance in manned and unmanned aircraft.

In July 2021 Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems, flight displays, and safety systems for General Aviation and business aircraft, made an announcement along with Daedalean. The two companies announced that they are together developing, manufacturing and certifying advanced-tech airborne systems for General Aviation, Special Mission, and Advanced Air Mobility. The common product will be marketed as the Avidyne PilotEye Vision System. 

(Press release / SK)