3Brain obtains grant for brain-on-a-chip device

The EU has granted CHF 1.7 million to the new project called 3BrainScreen-, which complements a Swiss project of CHF 1.5 million and will be coordinated by 3Brain, the Swiss brain-computer company.

3Brain is developing an advanced, in-vitro brain-on-a-chip device and model for drug discovery and neuro-toxicological assays. The tool will provide comprehensive information on “mini-brain” models obtained from human-derived neurons grown on nano-fiber bioscaffolds by evaluating signatures in the electrical activity patterns.

The product, code name BraiNET, will be optimized for pharmaceutical & biotech companies, CROs and research centres, and will be equipped with sophisticated hardware and software tools to allow parallel recordings of neuronal activity from 24-wells.

The Founder & CEO Mauro Gandolfo: “The EU grant will make it possible for 3Brain to launch the world first Brain-on-chip drug screening platform. The project will be pushed through together with our partner CSEM, the leading microtechnology research and development centre in Switzerland. We expect that drug development companies and universities will take advantage of this new tool to enhance studies on diseases and treatments. In addition, there is a huge demand for better in-vitro models of the brain, giving the burden of neurodegenerative diseases on our society and the need to increase our understanding of the brain”.

The Swiss Company 3Brain is leading the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of analytical equipment and sensor chips for research and development laboratories in the field of cell biology, which includes neuronal networks, neurospheres, brain tissues, in vitro “mini brains” and brain interfaces. The founders of 3Brain have been active in the field of “brain-interface” research and development for almost 15 years leading to the founding of 3Brain in 2011 and the market launch of BioCAM X, the world’s first high-resolution in-vitro brain screening tool, in 2015.

(Press release)