3Brain announces top-class Board of Directors


3Brain, the leading Swiss brain-computer company, changes corporate structure to 3Brain AG by a capital increase and appoints executives from USA, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland to its Board of Directors. Members include the former President and CEO of Takeda Ventures and the former CFO of Prionics. 


3Brain has increased the number of shares to 2’000’000 and welcomes the new Board of Directors, which was approved by the shareholders at the company’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting. The new team, which brings together a wide variety of recognized skills in life science, will be a valuable asset in the development of 3Brain.

The co-founder & CEO Mauro Gandolfo comments: “The founders of 3Brain started almost 15 years ago laying the ground for high-resolution neuro-electronic interface technology and became the first to commercialize a brain-on-chip device that is easy to use and that can provide relevant reproducible data. To meet the growing market demand and secure a consistent product flow from our bursting product pipeline, the founders have decided to call on successful industry executives from USA and Europe to help us grow the company to become a strong global player”.

The 3Brain AG board of director consists of six independent members:

  • Graeme R. Martin has more than 35 years of multinational Pharma and Biotech R&D experience. Most recently, he was President & CEO of Takeda Ventures Inc., and Board member in 16 of the Takeda Ventures portfolio companies.
  • Bruno Odermatt (Lucerne, Switzerland) is founder of and partner at Value Solutions Group. His previous experience includes serving more than 10 years as CFO at Prionics, world leader in animal diagnostic acquired by Thermo Fisher in 2014.
  • Between 1998 and 2014, Yvonne Mårtensson was CEO of Cellavision AB, which she led from start-up company till a global listed company.
  • Sören Thestrup-Nielsen is VP and Sr. leadership mentor with the corporate M&A team at Danaher Corporation, where he led several acquisitions incl. Beckman Coulter, a $7B diagnostics deal.
  • John Reddington is President and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation, a global leader in funding scientific studies.
  • Jörgen Thorball has an international business track from senior corporate positions at Pharmacia (Pfizer), Rhone-Poulenc-Rorer (Sanofi), and Novozymes.

About 3Brain
The Swiss Company 3Brain is leading the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of analytical equipment and sensor chips for research and development laboratories in the field of cell biology, which includes neuronal networks, neurospheres, brain tissues, in vitro “mini brains” and brain interfaces. The founders of 3Brain have been active in the field of “brain-interface” research and development for almost 15 years leading to the founding of 3Brain in 2011 and the market launch of BioCAM X, the world’s first high-resolution in-vitro brain screening tool, late 2015.