26 Startups selected for the IMD Startup Competition

The IMD team in collaboration with CTI, investiere, MassChallenge Switzerland and VentureKick has selected 26 startups from 135 candidates for the 19th IMD Startup competition. 15 will work with fulltime MBAs and 11 will collaborate with IMD’s EMBAs and travel to Silicon Valley.

“This year 135 ventures applied to the IMD startup competition, the most we ever had. This made the triage very difficult, especially because at least half of the files we reviewed were of extremely high quality and a good fit with the our programs”, says Jim Pulcrano and Benoit Leleux, Member of the EMBA Teaching Team at IMD business school.

Executive MBA startups 2016/17

Coat-X – Andreas Hogg – Coat-X provides an encapsulation technology using ultrathin layers to protect electronics, sensors, or implantable devices against corrosion caused by harsh environmental conditions. 

FORIMTECH, Iris Desforges & Eugene Grigoriev – has developed an interactive probe for the treatment of tumors

Haelixa, Michela Puddu DNA-tracer based solutions for an improved underground assessment of geothermal and oil reservoirs to guarantee an efficient and sustainable energy future. 

regenHU, Marc Thurner – regenHU – a three dimensional biotechnology company, exploiting the potential of 3D bioprinting & cell based therapies – is leading the development of biomedicall products for regenerative medicine & drug discovery.

SeerVision, Nikolaos Kariotoglou – SeerVision designs and builds cameras with lens movement and image quality optimisation automation features for simplifying and reducing the cost of marketing video production.

SimplicityBio, Miguel Barreto-Sanz & Pedro Faustino – SimplicityBio’s proprietary machine learning platform enables the next generation of diagnostic tests and drugs, with best-in-class biomarkers.

Skypull, Nicola Mona – An airborne power system using a fully autonomous drone to generate electricity from altitude winds.

Solar.Aero,  Simon Johnson & Thierry Plojoux –Solar.Aero will operate regional satellite-like services using state-of-the-art high-altitude perpetually flying aircraft and systems. 

SUN bioscience, Sylke Hoehnel – Organoids as a Service: Personalising drug screenings using patients' own stem cells. 

Topadur Pharma, Reto Naef – Topadur develops innovative proprietary drugs for severe wound-healing problems in hospitals. 

Viprodev, Luciano Torres & Fabiana Visentin – Viprodev is selling a revolutionary device that is able to provide real-time depth information using an regular RGB cameras with a portable dedicated hardware, being very useful for robotics, drones, selfdriving cars, VR and AR application. 


Full time MBA Startups 2016/17

Advanced Machines, Stanislav Begounov – manufactures atmospheric pressure plasma systems used for treatment of surfaces prior toprinting, bonding, coating, etc. 

BeeHelpful, Alessandro Gamberoni & Gianmario Riganti – BeeHelpful developed and sells worldwide a new patented honeybee hive that redesigns the beekeeper economy, saves the honeybees, and sets a new standard. 

Eyeware, Kenneth Funes & Serban Mogos – Eyeware develops eye and face tracking technology that improves the communication between humans and machines, with direct application in healthcare, social robotics, and behaviour studies. 

Hydromea, Felix Schill & Alexander Bahr – Hydromea, the new standard to find out what's in the water - fast, consistent, complete. 

Intento, Andrea Maesani – Intento has developed a medical device to enable severely paralyzed stroke patients to recover motor function. 

Loanboox, Stefan Muehlemann – loanboox is a  platform for issuing public sector debt.

MachIQ Industrial Services, Roy Chikballapur – MachIQ is a 2-sided SaaS offering intelligent software for Industrial Asset Performance Management to manufacturing companies and a comprehensive platform for their machine suppliers to deliver after sales services including spare parts sales, remote technical support and other Industry 4.0-enabled services. 

Mininavident, Frank Berlinghoff & Katrin Siebenbürger Hacki – DENACAM, a handheld navigation system for the precise implantation of dental implants. 

moveART, Norbert Roztocki – Unique ‘walk-in’ sculptures inspired by nature and children. 

NeoCoat, Christophe Provent – NeoCoat grows diamond to provide high-quality materials for the metrology, water treatment, horology, tool making, high-tech optoelectronic and jewellery markets 

SteriLux, Marc Spaltenstein – SteriLux is developing a technology for the sterilization of medical instruments in low-income countries.

SwissDeCode, Brij Sahi – Empowering supply chain inspectors to take 200x faster decisions about food authenticity & compliance to protect profitability and brand.

Timbtrack, Quentin d'Huart & Günther Marten González-Carrascosa – has developed a technology that gives users  the tools to map out, inventorize, measure and evaluate their forest in seconds in order to maximize productivity.

TwentyGreen, Duncan Sutherland – TwentyGreen produces greener feed for sustainable and responsible animal farming.

SMEx Arnaud Salomon – SMEx is a Financial Services Platform built upon the concept of a Currency Marketplace dedicated to SMEs which offers each of its members international payment accounts in 30 currencies with secure, fast and affordable payment features.