22 startups selected to pitch at the Swiss Venture Day - reloaded

Swiss Startup Invest has completely redesigned its Swiss Venture Day to allow for more meetings, keynote speeches and startup pitches. 22 startups have been selected to pitch at the first reloaded event on 5. April 2017. Registration to attend the event is open until 1. April.

For the redesigned Swiss Venture Day, more than 200 attendees have registered and 260 meetings have been booked to allow startups to meet with potential investors, supporters and peers. 22 startups that will pitch before the audience have been confirmed. They will attend a mandatory pitching training before the event and each startups will deliver their pitch in the respective vertical. Each startup will deliver a 5 minute followed by a 3-minute Q&A and a 2-minute online feedback. Participants can register until 1 April. It is also still possible to book one-to-one meetings.

22 start-ups were selected for the pitches on the two main stages. In addition there will be 100 seconds elevator pitches during the one-to-one meeting session. Start-ups can apply for these elevator pitches on the spot.

The selected startups for the pitches on the main stages include:

Vertical 1: Bio-, Med-, Micro/Nanotech, Interdisciplinary, Accelerators

Elthera (Biotech) – developed an antibody against aggressive tumors.

Memo Therapeutics AG (Biotech) – ETHZ spinoff specialising in antibody discovery and immune repertoire analysis

MicroDuits GmbH (Nanotech) – manufactures cell culture devices with precise mechanical properties to enable researchers around the world to perform mechanobiological tests

Optimo Medical (Medtech) – developed “Optimeyes” technology to make surgical procedures on the human cornea safer and more precise.

PB & B (Biotech) – developing a new generation of fillers and anti-aging medicine for plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Peripal (Medtech) – developed a patient aid device that simplifies the therapy for a chronic patient population in dialysis and thus shortens training time.

Piavita (Vet Med) – provides vets and pet-owners with small med tech devices to measure vital signs of animals.

SimplicityBio (Biotech) – developed a proprietary machine learning platform that enables the next generation of diagnostic tests and drugs, with best-in-class biomarkers.

smartridr (Interdis.) – developed the first pocket children’s car sit

Vibwife (Medtech) – designed a mattress-system that actively mobilizes and supports women during natural birth

fitch (Interdis, Drone) – Fitch is the first fully autonomous fishing drone. Fitch enables anglers to cast their lure thousands of feet away.


Vertical 2: ICT, Fintech, Cleantech, Interdisciplinary, Accelerators

42matters (ICT, Apps) – offers a full suite of products and services for App Market Data and Mobile Audience Data.

Advertima (ICT, Artificial Intelligence) – combines machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate a positive and perfect customer experience

Apiax (ICT, Fintech) – provides integrated public programming interfaces (APIs) that facilitate access to always up-to-date and verified compliance rules.

EyeFitU (ICT, Fashion) –is a platform and a mobile app that helps users to shop with confidence that what they are buying is in their ‘real’ size.

Fashwell (ICT, Fashion) – is a visual search and image recognition provider for the fashion industry with a powerful image recognition delivered via flexible API.

joineer (ICT, HR) – developed a match making platform for employers and employees to reduce the amount of time companies spend on screening applications.

Seeyourbox (Logistics) – IOT based service which allows early detection of logistics issues happening to goods on their way to customers.

SKYPULL (Cleantech) – developed a lightweight and compact wind-based electricity generation system for more renewable power

snowcookie (ICT, Sports) – is a wearable device which gives skiers advanced telemetry and ski analytics.

TwingTec (Cleantech) – developed a fully autonomous light-weight tethered wings (or Twings) which fly like a kite to harness the kinetic energy of the wind at higher altitudes.

WEAVR (ICT, VR) – developed a platform that generates virtual reality Stories based on users’ own photos and videos available on their social media channels.

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