$20 Million USD for Global-First Startups


Serial entrepreneur and angel investor Cédric Waldburger launches a decentralized venture capital firm. Four investments have already been made.


For the last decade, Cédric Waldburger has worked remotely, has started a company that works completely without an office and has co-founded DFINITY, the Silicon Valley unicorn that develops the decentralized internet. With Tomahawk.VC, the serial entrepreneur and angel investor starts now a decentralized venture capital firm without an office, that focuses on global-first companies.

The fund targets companies that think and act on a global scale from their very start, build their team and culture remotely and are not tied to a certain geographical location - something that has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 crisis. A remote setting enables start-ups to hire talent from everywhere in the world. Tomahawk.VC supports those companies by sharing reliable methods and processes that have proven their worth over the last twelve years.

Tomahawk.VC consists of a distributed team without an office

"I like to rethink things - and I take the same approach to venture capital. Instead of building a large team in one location, we create a network of experts and make them accessible to our portfolio companies. We work closely with founders and we support big ideas with the potential to change the world," says Cédric Waldburger about his latest project. The Tomahawk.VC team includes Claude Donzé, who has a background in private equity, and Bojan, who lives in Macedonia and has supported Cédric in his previous companies.

First investments in Switzerland and Germany

Investors of Tomahawk.VC are private Swiss individuals. "Pre-seed and seed investments are our sweet spot," said Cédric Waldburger, adding, "but we will opportunistically invest in later phases as well. Overall, we plan to invest up to USD 2 million per company," Waldburger continued. Tomahawk.VC is based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland and invests throughout Europe and the USA. The fund is investing a total of USD 20 million in pre-seed, seed and series A rounds, with tickets ranging from USD 100,000 to USD 2 million.

The new fund has already invested in four companies. These include Locatee, Lano, Liquity and Buynomics. Locatee from Zurich is the leading B2B solution for workplace analytics, helping companies efficiently manage their workspace. Liquity builds a decentralized borrowing protocol with team members in Switzerland, England, Vietnam and the USA. The startup will be incorporated in Zug. Lano, based in Berlin, develops a platform on which companies manage all their administrative processes with freelancers and Buynomics from Cologne, Germany, builds the modern pricing tool for large corporates.

Startup Jam Sessions

To promote entrepreneurial thinking, Tomahawk.VC has launched an event series called "Startup Jam Sessions". The format connects people from all around the world who are thinking about starting their own business. Inspired by musical jam sessions, these events are a place where anyone can think out loud about business ideas and build upon inputs from others. The next jam session will take place on Tuesday, May 19th - online. Find further information on Facebook.