18 startups selected for the Investor Summit 2017

The Investor Summit is a global event connecting Swiss start-ups with over 200 top international investors in an effort to strengthen Switzerland’s international position as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. 18 companies have been selected to present their business cases in pitches and exhibitions.

Following the success of their first Investor summit, digitalSwitzerland and its partners are looking forward to the second edition on 16 January 2017. The Investor Summit is an invitation-only event tailored specifically to international investors interested in meeting with Swiss start-up companies. The main objective of the Investor Summit is to showcase the country’s most promising start-ups and disruptive technologies in hightech, medtech, cleantech, fintech and the ICT sector.

18 startups have been selected to show case their businesses; seven will pitch to the audience while 11 will exhibit their companies.

The 7 pitching startups are;

rqmicro AG, Medtech – Founded in 2013, rqmicro has developed a new separation and detection technology for microbiology in the water and food industry that delivers accurate results in less than one hour.

Lunaphore, medtech – has designed a tumour analysis platform performing immunohistochemistry based on a microfluidic technology. Besides closing a financing round and winning awards and labels, Lunaphore has received a product certification from Tüv-Süd.

Versantis, Medtech – The Zurich based startup has developed new generation liver disease therapeutics and diagnostics. The company’s lead product VS-01 can simultaneously support the affected organs such as liver, kidneys, brain and encourage liver regeneration, and save patients’ lives.

Bexio, fintech – Bexio is business and administration software for SMEs and start-ups. The startup serves over 6000 customers including Swiss banks such as UBS, PostFinance, Raiffeisen and Credit Suisse.

Bcomp, cleantech – the startup develops superior products using their patented natural fibers; PowerRibs, ampliTex and bCores. These allow for better performance, sustainability and create opportunities for new cutting-edge applications.

Wingtra, Robotics – created as a spin-off of the ETH Zurich, Wingtra has developed an aerial robot takes off and lands like a helicopter, and can fly like a fixed-wing aircraft. The robot is used to gather data for improvement in wildlife and agriculture.  Wingtra has grown from 4 to 27 Wingtranauts and has closed the seed round of USD 3.1 Million.

Biowatch, IOT – Biowatch is developing biometric identification system (Biowatch buckle), which transforms the watch into a secure source of identification using the unique pattern of your veins. The biowatch buckle can be integrated into a watch, smart-band or bracelet.


11 Startups in the exhibition are:

Flyability, Robotics – developed the first drone designed for inspection and exploration of inaccessible or confined spaces.

Verity studios, Robotics – Verity Studios develops a new breed of interactive and autonomous flying machines.

AVA, medtech – manufactures and distributes fertility tracking bracelets.

Pregnolia, Medtech – developed diagnostic tool to determine preterm birth.

ZuriMed, medtech – develops and produces medical devices for ligament reconstruction.

Beekeeper, IOT – provides communication service for blue-collar to facilitate simple but effective communication in organisations.

Uepaa, IOT – a peer-to-peer software that enables developers to integrate proximity features into their apps.

Modum, fintech – develops sensor devices using blockchain technology to assert data immutability and public accessibility

Qumram, fintech – a big data platform on which any online data can be entirely and lawfully captured and subsequently retrieved

Battrion, cleantech – provides innovative fabrication technologies for lithium ion batteries aimed at increasing the charging speed of high energy density cells

Insolight, cleantech – is developing solar panels with double efficiency compared to conventional silicon panels.