16 Start-ups selected for the Swiss Venture Day Romandie

Swiss Startup Invest has completely redesigned its Swiss Venture Day to allow for one to one meetings, keynote speeches and startup pitches. The first Venture Day Romandie in the new format will take place on 19 September. More than 130 people have already registered.

The redesigned Swiss Venture Days last a whole day with keynotes in the morning and pitches and one to one meetings in the afternoon. Selected start-ups will pitch to investors in verticals. On 19 September at the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL campus Andreas Mortensen, Vice President for Research at EPFL, Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director digitalswitzerland, and Raphael Conz, Economic Promotion Manager at the Canton of Vaud, will deliver the keynote speeches. After the pitches of the companies the one to one meetings will take place. More information and registration on the website of Swiss Startup Invest.

16 start-ups will pitch in two verticals:

Vertical 1: Bio-, Med-, Micro/Nanotech, Interdis, Accelerators

Lambda Health System, Medtech: Lambda’s first product, the Lambda, is an innovative rehabilitation device for people with locomotor disabilities.

Lymphatica, Medtech: The start-up develops an implantable system for the treatment of chronic lymphedema, a common side effect of cancer therapies.

novoMOF, Micro-/Nanotech: novoMOF is a technology company in the field of advanced materials with focus on synthesis and production of metal-organic frameworks (MOF).

Rovenso, Interdis: Agile rovers for heavy-duty in rough terrain and harsh environments.

Sterilux, Medtech: Sterilux offers an innovative sterilization technique for medical devices.

Zippsafe, Interdis.: Zippsafe is a flexible and space-saving textile locker.


Vertical 2: ICT, Fintech, Cleantech, Interdis., Accelerators

ASI, ICT: ASI is specialized in the development of electronic performance and tracking systems.

Creal3D, ICT: The start-up creates compact wearable see-through glasses which mix virtual objects into the real world in front of the user.

Ecorobotix, Cleantech: Ecorobotix autonomous robot weeder uses 20 times less herbicide thanks to the precise detection and discriminating spraying of weeds.

Embion Technologies, Cleantech: Embion empowers the use of lignocellulosic biomass by our industrial partners towards food products, chemicals and fuels.

Enairys, Cleantech: Enairys offers a wide range of innovative and clean energy storage & management solutions, based on its proprietary hydro-pneumatic and power electronic technologies.

Karios Games, ICT: Karios is an independent game development, design and publishing studio based in Geneva,

SalesWings, ICT: Lead website tracking and predictive lead scoring as a service.

SkeletonCAD, ICT: SkeletonCAD is a novel Computer-Aided Design and Simulation software promising to deliver a 50% speed up in the development process of engineering products.

Struckd, ICT: With Struckd users can easily build games and share them with the Struckd community

Yelloh, ICT: The start-up offers a solution that allows companies to send surveys to their customers who respond by video.