13 Swiss startups to present at Swiss Biotech Day

The Swiss Biotech Day  brings together over 500 senior executives from the bio pharmaceutical industry from Europe. 13 biotech startups, dedicated to developing new drugs, antibodies and therapies, have been selected to present before the audience. The conference takes place on 4th May 2017 at the Congress Center in Basel.

Now in its 19th year, the Swiss Biotech Day (SBD) is not just the place to be for members of the Swiss Biotech Association, who traditionally meet there for the association’s Annual General Assembly, it is an annual get-together of all players in the Swiss bio-pharmaceutical industry. Last year, more than 450 participants from 20 countries attended the event and 420 meetings were scheduled. This year the SBD Organisation-team will host over 500 senior executives and other players from the life science industry across Europe.

In addition, 13 Swiss Startups have the opportunity to present their companies before the European biotech community. These include:

Elthera AG, Anne Schmidt (CEO) –developing antibodies against the novel target L1CAM, an adhesion molecule whose expression is strongly correlated with an aggressive tumor in various types of cancer.

Inositec AG, Mattias Ivarsson (CEO) – developed of life-saving small molecule drugs based on inositol phosphate, a natural facilitator of diverse cellular functions.

MetrioPharm AG, Wolfgang Braysch (CEO) – clinical stage pharmaceutical biotech company developing new medications against chronic immune disorders.

CIS Pharma AG, Christian Geraths (CSO) – pharmaceutical research and development company specializing in drug delivery by combining innovative chemistry and expertise in Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Oncology.

STREKIN AG, Alexander Bausch (CEO) – identifies and develops differentiated medicines for diseases linked to stress related inflammatory pathways by scientific cross disease area target assessment.

Versantis AG, Meriam Kabbaj (COO) – develops a new generation of liver disease therapeutics and diagnostics.

Glycemicon AG, Nadja Mrosek (CEO) – developing novel nutraceuticals for managing prediabetes, diabetes and obesity, using new approaches that were initially developed at the University of Science & Technology ETH Zurich

T3 Pharmaceuticals AG, Simon Ittig (CEO) – developed an efficient protein delivery technology that is based on the use of live bacteria. This serve as a novel therapeutic to treat solid tumours.

Juvabis GmbH, Sven Hobbie (CEO) – designs next-generation aminoglycoside antibiotics that withstand mechanisms of bacterial drug-resistance and at the same time display superior tolerability due to increased target selectivity by rational design.

AlveoliX AG, Janick Stucki (CTO) – provides in-vitro solutions based on proprietary and unique organ-on-chip technologies aimed at improving preclinical decision-making and thus reducing drug development costs

leadXpro AG, Michael Hennig (CEO) – a lead discovery company focussing on membrane protein drug targets.

Elanix Biotechnologies SA, Tomas J. Svoboda (CEO) – a spin-out of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) developing tissue regeneration products for acute wound care, dermatological and gynecological applications

Aurealis Pharma AG, Juha Yrjänheikki (CEO) – developed an effective, safe and economical treatment method for chronic inflammation and cancer sufferers

The event is designed for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, analysts, political decision makers and industry stakeholders. In the key notes and panel discussions, speakers will highlight some of the trends as well as address some of the concerns in the industry. A detailed program is available on the SBD homepage.