12 candidates on the UBS Social Innovators Shortlist

The selection committee of UBS social Innovators 2016 competition has released a shortlist with 12 candidates from the region Switzerland. These will be invited to attend a two-day bootcamp after which four finalists will be selected. The winner will be announced in November at the award ceremony.

The UBS Social innovators competition will be conducted in three regions; Asian Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Switzerland. Out of the 1200 submitted applications, 36 candidates (12 from each region) have been named on the 2016 shortlist.

The 12 candidates from Switzerland will attend a two day bootcamp, in which experts from UBS and Ashoka – an organisation that supports social enterprises – will support them in bringing their social enterprise to the next level. At the end of the bootcamp, only four will be invited to the Swiss finale in Zurich on 3rd November 2016. The UBS Social Innovator 2016 will be announced at the ceremony.

The 12 finalists from Switzerland are:

Alver Futurprotein – has created a range of protein rich foods with Chlorella Micro-algae. Production only requires water, sun and a little sugar.

Apopo – a social enterprise that researches develops and implements Detection Rats Technology for humanitarian purposes such as Mine Action and Tuberculosis detection, in Africa and South East Asia, using the extremely developed sense of smell of African Giant Pouched Rats.

Carbon Delta – environmental Fintech startup that produces research focused on identifying the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies.

Choba Choba – is the first Swiss chocolate brand co-owned and co-managed by the cocoa farmers. The startup produces premium chocolate with a pure taste and allows consumers to have a real and transparent impact on those at the bottom of the chocolate business value chain.

CrowdGuard – promotes a community-based approach to lower sexual and gender-based violence, primarily in emerging countries.

Euphoria – engages the unengaged, transforms education systems and connects people who would usually not meet, across sectors and generations.

Justice Rapid Response (JRR) – improves the quality of fact-finding and investigation of atrocities by providing the international community with readily available, specially trained experts from every region, culture, and legal system. These experts ensure that accountability for these crimes is credible.

LEDsafari – has developed an award winning (Forbes 30under30, EIT (EU) CHANGE award) make-it-yourself solar lamp training. With this training, students/youth make their own solar lamp that they can use, and understand how it works.

MoSan – offers an ecological service and an aspirational mobile dry-toilet to provide people with dignity, safety and hygiene.

Projekt Interim – uses temporarily vacant property to make available residential and commercial space for individuals and small businesses at extremely low prices.

ReWinner – enables the circular economy through reuse of building materials and products.

Velafrica – aims at improving livelihoods through access to bicycles in Africa. The team collects disused bicycles in Switzerland, refurbishes them in social institutions and exports them to Africa.