10 Venture Leaders Deeptech selected

As part of the Venture Leaders program, ten start-ups will showcase Switzerland’s deeptech expertise and lay the foundation for their global growth. Pitching in front of international investors, networking with experts and industry leaders, and learning from each other’s entrepreneurial experience will ensure the startups get ready for internationalization and fundraising success.

Organized by Venturelab, the Venture Leaders are ready to take the first step toward their international expansion. The investor and business development roadshows for Swiss startups are specifically structured to help them achieve this goal. “The Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021 offer solutions for complex issues that will transform our future,” said Jordi Montserrat, managing partner at Venturelab. “Earlier this month, our alumn Climeworks launched the first industrial CO2 air capture and storage plant, so we are excited to provide this new generation of deeptech pioneers with experience and contacts to boost their ability to achieve their visions.”

The Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021

Bloom Biorenewables │Marly (FR)
Bloom makes biomass a true alternative to petroleum: The startup offers sustainable products that combine cost-competitiveness and high performance in markets such as fragrances, materials, plastics, and fuels.

Isochronic│Denges (VD)
Isochronic is pioneering the concept of continuous-motion industrial robots: By simultaneously transferring multiple parts, Isochronic’s robots enable vastly increased production throughput while reducing the need for costly production floor space.

KOMP-ACT│Ecublens (VD)
KOMP-ACT designs and manufactures innovative electric motion devices—such as actuators and grippers destined for the automation machinery market— that are 10 times more efficient than existing compressed air devices.

LEDCity developed easy-to-install light sources with up to five integrated sensors that use AI to optimize energy usage—with energy savings of 90%—while delivering comfortable lighting conditions.

matriq│St. Gallen
matriq provides the unique watermark for plastics, right inside the molding machine: matriq’s milliseconds-fast individual marking for products enables traceability, identity, brand protection, and industry 4.0.

MicroR systems│Lausanne
MicroR creates lasers with purer colors to reduce noise that can limit performance: The startup’s palm-sized lasers deliver 1000 times purer colors than existing technology.

Miraex offers photonic and quantum solutions for next-generation sensing, networking, and computing. The startup’s solutions allow users to make data-driven maintenance decisions, reduce costs, and optimize productivity in conditions where electronics cannot operate.

Oxyle’s decentralized modular reactors provide efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable wastewater treatments. The startup removes more than 95% of highly persistent, mobile, and toxic micropollutants from effluents and complies with new stringent discharge regulations.

Perovskia│Aubonne (VD)
Perovskia has developed a digital printing technology to fabricate efficient and stable solar cells in customized designs to cater the diverse requirements of the Internet of things, electronic devices, and sensors.

Readily3D commercializes a revolutionary new additive manufacturing solution: volumetric 3D printing. Users can make objects with highly precise tomographic bioprinter―in less than 30 seconds. 

To meet the Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021 and learn more about their startups, join the Startup Champions Event @ ETH Zürich (October 5). 

A jury of professional investors and deeptech experts reviewed more than 100 applications and chose the 10 Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021. During the roadshow, the startups will demonstrate the potential of Switzerland’s deeptech innovation—covering a range of topics such as engineering, robotics, supply chains, logistics, and sustainability.

Venturelab organizes global roadshows with the Swiss National Startup Team: For the past 16 years, the Swiss National Startup Team has traveled to Boston to discover the entrepreneurial scene of the United States of America. In 2014, the Venture Leaders roadshow extended to China and New York and then added Silicon Valley in 2017 and Barcelona in 2019. Venture Leaders Deeptech alumni comprise successful startups such as Dacuda (acquired by Magic Leap), Astrocast (IPO 2021), Climeworks, Flyability, and Technis. “Venture Leaders is a program that promotes Swiss startups and innovations in such a unique way: bringing the founders of startups to pitch and connect to the ecosystem there,” said Zhenzhon Su, co-founder and CEO of Fixposition.

Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021 is organized by Venturelab. The roadshow and any related events are supported by swissnex, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Helbling Group, Walder Wyss, the Canton of Vaud, and the Canton of Zurich.