Young SECA meets Pioneer’s Club with Felix Haas

22.05.2017 | 18:30 - 21:00
Blue Monkey - Zunfthaus zur Schneidern, Zurich
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Young SECA meets Pioneer’s Club with Felix Haas, an internet founder and Business-Angel & Seed-Investor.

Felix is an internet founder (TiberiumSun, amiando, UnicornPitch, IDnow) and Business-Angel & Seed-investor in 60+ European and US startups, including founding engagements at Kreditech, Käuferportal, Hitfox, Whow Games, Sponsorpay and investments at Delivery Hero, Recarga, Properly and Iwoca.

He is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of IDnow, the first online solution for convenient and secure online identification of government IDs in Europe.

Felix is Co-Organizer and Chairman of Bits & Pretzels, Germany’s largest founders festival with over 5000 founders, who meet for networking and learning at Munich Oktoberfest.

Felix was Co-Founder and CEO of amiando from inception to exit to public listed company XING in 2010.

Previously, he founded TiberiumSun Networks, a website network for computer games and entertainment news with over 285 million page monthly impressions.

Felix is a “World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2010”, “NYC Venture Fellow” by NYC Mayor Bloomberg and an advisor to the German Vice Chancellor for the “Young Digital Industry”

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