>>venture>> Draft Feedback Zürich

03.03.2020 | 18:00 - 21:30
ETH Zürich Dozentenfoyer 101 Rämistrasse 8092 Zürich
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Use this valuable opportunity to have the final draft of your application reviewed by our team of experts and seasoned entrepreneurs before hitting the submit button for the 2020 >>venture>> competition. 


In this highly-anticipated event, our experts dedicate 20-minute time slots to discussing your business case, providing instant feedback, answering your questions and sharing their expertise. You are at liberty to book time with as many as 3 different experts during the workshop. Our goal is that, at the end of the evening, you will come away with valuable suggestions on how to submit the best version of your business case for the 2020 >>venture>> competition. Book early as spaces fill up quickly! Please be aware that any additional bookings, after the allotted 3, will not be valid. Register for this event is free. Agenda 18:00 - 18:30 Welcome and registration 18:30 - 18:40 Introduction to the event 18:40 - 20:20 Expert feedback 20:20 - 21:30 Network Apero Meet the participating experts in Zurich Alec McShane, Palantir Technologies Andrey Petrichtche, Juror for >>venture>>, Senior Credit Risk Manager for Post Finance AG Claudia Zimmermann, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, CEO and Co-founder of C-Advisor and Venture Partner at Aravis Donat Matthews, Juror for >>venture>>, Entrepreneur and Investor at SyncAct.com Evelyne Thar, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, CEO and Co-founder of Amazee Metrics Hanna Brahme, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, Technology Transfer Manager for Spinoffs at ETHZ Ioana Prundaru, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, CEO and Founder of Bag Selection Zurich Julia Schieber, Lawyer at Baker McKenzie Kaspar Binz, Juror for >>venture>>, CEO and Founder of Binz Biotech Consulting GmbH Luc Gérardin, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, independent Business Strategic Advisor Lukas Döbelin, Juror for >>venture>>, Chief of the Staff to the President at UBS Switzerland Lukas Reinhardt, Mentor for >>venture>>, Director of Corporate Finance at UBS Manuel Meyer, Juror for >>venture>>, Partner at Baker &McKenzie Matt Lanfear, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, Executive Coach and Business Transformation Consultant Ramon Tissafi, Lawyer at Baker McKenzie Shila Schneider, Juror and Mentor for >>venture>>, Manager of Business Development at Ewopharma AG Véronique Stephan, Mentor for >>venture>>, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Ball Beverage Packaging