Venture Briefing @ ETH LAUNCH

14.10.2022 | 17:00 - 18:00
ETH LAUNCH, StageOne Event & Convention Hall, Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146, 8050 Zürich
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This special workshop takes place with in the framework of ETH LAUNCH, the major event for startup-minded students, scientists, and alums!

***NOTE: To join the Venture Briefing, you need a valid venue ticket for ETH LAUNCH. Venturelab has a small number of free tickets for participants. To win a free ticket, click the "Apply with LinkedIn" button on this page!***

The Venture Briefing is all about how to raise your first funding, and get your company launched. 

Meet our speakers:
Florian Haufe, CEO & Co-Founder of ETH spin-off Akina.Health
Florian is a driven healthcare entrepreneur with a PhD in rehabilitation technology and human data analysis from ETH Zurich and research experience from Harvard Medical School. As a side project, he developed software to optimize pairing tables in sports events that he sold to SAP SE. A competitive sailor, Florian won a Youth Olympic silver medal in 2010 and multiple national championships.

Omid Shams, Program Manager, Venturelab & Venture Kick
Omid is a program manager at Venturelab in charge of the Venture Kick accelerator and the Scale-up Bootcamps in different verticals. He holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and a Master in Management, Technology, and Economics from the ETHZ. In private life, Omid enjoys competitive sports, especially climbing, salsa, and middle-distance running.

Florian and Omid will talk about and share details about the journey of building a successful spin-off at ETH. They will also help answer some of your questions during the Q&A session:

  • How to become an entrepreneur? 
  • How to validate my idea?
  • How to fund my idea?
  • How to find help to bring my idea to life?

You will also be introduced to different support programs available to new entrepreneurs:

  • Venture Kick (up to 150,000 pre-seed capital for business development)
  • InnoBooster (up to 150,000 grant to accelerate market entry)
  • First Ventures (up to 150,000 financial support for projects cooperating with a University of Applied Science)

Thank you to the Gebert Rüf Stiftung for supporting this event.