Tech and Society Breakfast: Hijacked Minds?

25.09.2020 | 08:30 - 10:00
Café Odno, Kreuzstrasse 26, 8008 Zürich, Schweiz
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This event brings together like-minded entrepreneurs to learn, discuss and reflect on the topic responsible use of persuasive design. Meet forward-thinking keynote speakers and connect with influential attendees.


We believe technology can have tremendous positive impacts on society. In order to achieve this goal, we need to understand these possible impacts and align the interests of companies, individuals and society as a whole.We are convinced that thoughtful conversations are key to realizing these goals. Our aim is to empower founders and tech leaders to identify, address, and solve ethical challenges that arise when introducing technology into society.Breakfast: "Hijacked Minds?"Design approaches are there to enhance user experience and support decision-making within the ever-increasing number of online interactions that characterize our daily lives. And they prove to be highly effective. Yet there is a thin line between well-intended persuasion and questionable manipulation. How to use behaviour- and psychology-oriented design techniques in an ethically defensible way? How to ensure human autonomy remains protected? And, in this regard, what about our mental health?Speakers Joëlle Bitton (Artist and HCI researcher, Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design at ZHdK), Ralf Mauerhofer (Co-Founder, Client’s Knight and Treasure Manager, Koboldgames) Organizers: ethix - Lab for innovation ethics and Julien Pache