Swiss Fintech Day 2017: The Ecosystem in Digitization

04.09.2017 | 10:00 - 19:00
Startup Space, Schlieren (Zurich)
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The second Swiss Fintech Day brings together major stakeholders to share their various perspectives on the theme "The Ecosystem in Digitization".

Digitization is a new industrial revolution. This is the time to take action, this a time for innovation and leadership. Industries must evolve into ecosystems. The development from financial center to fintech hub is only one example of many in the era of digitization. On this day Swiss Finance Startups will bring together all major stakeholders and their various perspectives. They are all important pieces in the overall mosaic of a healthy and vibrant modern ecosystems.

The Federal Council Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, as the guest of honnor, will discuss the main factors of healthy and modern ecosystem that drives innovation and jobs in the era of digitization.

Other speakers include Rino Borini is co-founder and CEO of financialmedia Ltd, Pascal Kaufmann the founder and CEO of Starmind, Cyrill Tröndle is the founder of Swiss Crypto Exchange AG and CEO of SwissClass Trade AG.

There will also be a panel discussion on the topic “Ecosystem vs. Egosystem”.

Details of the agenda are available on the event website.

Registration is still open.