Summerpreneurship Program Zurich

01.06.2017 | 08:30
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The summerpreneurship program in Zurich is again open for application. The program brings impact driven startups together with talented students for a summer internship from June to August. Registration is open until 19 February.

Startups are often laden with the task of finding new members to complete their team. This is however no longer a major challenge, thanks to the summerpreneursip program organised by Impact Hub Zurich and its partners.

During the Summerpreneurship program, entrepreneurs will get valuable support to bring their ventures to the next level. At the same time, the program offers a lean and effective HR training about the essentials of hiring from a startup perspective. Scoping, screening, interviewing and legal aspects are some of the topics to be covered. Having acquired this skills, start-up companies will have the opportunity to find top-notch interns from a large pool of talented students and interview them in collaboration with IBM.

Moreover, startups will get access to a large pool of pre-selected talented students and find a top-notch intern. The hiring process, which includes searching and the pre-selection of candidates will be covered by the team from Impact Hub.

Eligible to apply are impact-driven / purpose-driven startups less than 5 years old and operate in Switzerland.

Selected Students will also be invited to attend the program. They will participate in the summerpreneurship Academy program which aims to complement the internship over summer. Participating students will get support from Impact Hub and the opportunity to prepare for their internship.