Success stories of Swiss start-ups and scale-ups in the UK

23.05.2023 | 17:30 - 21:00
Schellenberg Wittmer AG Rechtsanwälte, Zürich
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Why do Swiss start-ups and scale-ups look to expand into the UK? What opportunities and challenges are they likely to encounter along the way? What support is available to them in the process?


Three Swiss start-ups and scale-ups will be sharing their UK experience with teh audience. These are

  • ClearSpace (represented by Christophe Boujat, CFO)
  • PriceHubble (represented by Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman)
  • TradePlus24 (represented by Matthias Kribbel, Co-founder and Managing Director)

UK’s Department for Business and Trade will also be presenting the way they – as an organisation – can support Swiss businesses when entering the UK market.

The content of the event should be relevant not only to companies that are looking to expand into the UK, but also to any Swiss start-up or scale-up that aims to expand internationally in general.

The event is organised by the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC), with support from UK’s Department of Business and Trade. The event is kindly hosted by Schellenberg Wittmer AG. The event is open to both BSCC members and non-members.