STRIDE Lab on “Future and Emerging Technologies”

10.03.2017 | 17:00
Impact Hub Zürich, Garage - Geroldstrasse 33
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Stride Unschool for entrepreneurial leadership invites the audience to join the 1.5-day event by stride organised to provide insights on what is happening in the world of technology and support startups build the tools enabling you to become an active participant in the new economy.

Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the status quo in our global socio-economic environment. From manufacturing to education, agriculture and healthcare, no field remains untouched by exponential technology growth. Our evolution as humans is no longer biological but technological, our lives are shaped by the products and services we use. The good news is that technological evolution is under our control and therefore, if we understand what it does and where to use it best, we will be able to make the best decisions for ourselves and humanity’s future.

This course is designed to enable participants understand how technology will shape the future so as to avowing being emotionally caught up in between fear and excitement. Participants will thus be able to deepen their knowledge in future and emerging technology trends.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Apply the “startup way" of understanding and learning new complex concepts related to technology
  • Identify exponential technology growth patterns in a global economic context
  • Differentiate between key technology trends and the fads based on hype and idealistic tech products perceptions 
  • Create a strategy and design the tools allowing you to stay on top of technological progress without feeling overwhelmed 
  • Apply identified key technology trends to your personal and professional life planning

Further details are available on the Website. Registration is limited to participants.