StartupBlink Zürich

24.09.2020 | 19:00 - 21:00
CreativeSpace Zürich, Luegislandstrasse 105, CH8051 Zürich
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As one of the first cities in the StartupBlink network, and in compliance with the hygiene rules and safety measures required by the current Covid-19 regulations in Switzerland, we are running our monthly networking event again as an on-site event in the CreativeSpace Zürich premises.


Here are a few of the main things you can do with The StartupBlink map: Find Startups to Partner With: Looking for startups to invest in, collaborate with, or simply curious to see the state of startups in the world Are you looking for startups from a niche or particular industry startups Find A Coworking Space: Need a coworking space for yourself or your team Find An Accelerator: Looking for the right startup Accelerator Find Startup Influencers and Leaders: Are you looking to identify the movers and shakers in your startup ecosystem Can one of them be your next startup advisor? The Leaders section also includes our own StartupBlink local City Partners in dozens of chapters around the world Find Startup Organizations: Looking for relevant Startup Organizations in your city aimed at helping the ecosystem grow and thrive? The agenda of the event is simple: connect to other entrepreneurs and help your project grow by knowing the active people in your startup ecosystem. This is an unofficial and relaxed networking event for people looking for ideas, co-founders, team members, investors, suppliers, and clients. Our events are usually joined by 5 to 10 members, each participant will get a chance to introduce themselves and their project to the other attendees. And I’m pretty sure we will also share what challenges we have faced due to the corona crisis! The StartupBlink Zürich Meetup series is hosted by Claudius Krucker, startup coach and founder of the “CreativeSpace” coworking spaces in St.Gallen and Zurich. Find out more about the CreativeSpace. Add your Project on StartupBlink and join our closed startup group And if you are a part of a Hardware Startup, consider joining our specialized group. Registration is open.