Startup Stammtisch with Google

05.09.2018 | 18:00 - 21:00
Google Switzerland, Europaallee Building H, Gustav-Gull-Platz 1, 8004, Zürich
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Startup Stammtisch brings together members of the startup community with Googlers for an evening of exchange and discussion.


One of the advantages of working in a big company like Google is to have easy access to a deep roster of specialists who are willing to share their expertise in many ways, from lunch meetings to drop-in office hours.

The goal of this event is hence, to provide similar benefits to people working in a startup, where everybody often needs to wear many hats. Particularly when in a mode of “learning by doing”, a few minutes with an expert can make a big difference and we can benefit from an opportunity to bounce off ideas, get a second opinion or get some pointers in which direction to look for solutions.

The event includes pre-scheduled 45 minute 1:1 mentoring sessions as well as networking opportunities over drinks and food. This format maximises chances of useful conversations, while making sure that you get focused feedback on a specific topic.

Sign up at for a 1:1 mentoring with a specialist in one of these areas:

– Machine Learning

– User Experience and Design

– Large Scale Software Engineering

– Cyber Security

– Managing Services in the Cloud

– Team Culture