Startup Grind with Séverine Chardonnens (IDUN Technologies)

21.08.2019 | 18:00 - 21:00
IBM Zurich Innovation Space - Vulkanstrasse 106 Zurich, 8048
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Séverine Chardonnens, co-founder and CTO of IDUN Technologies shares her experience.


What does it take to lead a team, raise capital, and work on groundbreaking technology?  With a background in engineering, Séverine has been studying 'surface architecture of soft conductive polymers 'for the past couple of years at the ETH Zurich. That’s where she met her future co-founder Simon Bachmann. Together, inspired by their work in bioengineering, they developed soft, stretchable and highly conductive biosensors mimicking the structure of grasshoppers’ feet - a revolutionary approach on biosensors, providing a glue-free adhesion solution for wearable devices. Since then, their innovation has been featured on the SRF Tagesschau and the startup has won many prizes including Venture Kick and the IMD Startup Challenge. Heading the technological development and industrialization of the electrodes, Séverine describes herself as a “CTO with people skills”. Her own entrepreneurial journey brought her in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Switzerland.