Startup Grind Presents Kathrin Lehner - Coachfrog

16.02.2017 | 18:30 - 21:30
GINETTA, Rieterstrasse 6 Zürich, 8002
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David Butler

Come learn from Kathrin Lehner, how she overcame the chicken and egg problem whilst building her successful healthtech Startup Coachfrog -a two-sided marketplace connecting those seeking alternative medical treatments for their chronic diseases with experienced practitioners.

Kathrin studied political sciences at Zurich University, and one of her main interests during her studies was the question around how to make the healthcare system more efficient. After graduating, she spent two years in product management and marketing, but continued to think about ways to improve the healthcare system for general public in Switzerland.

Kathrin and her team believe in the democratization of the healthcare system. They want consumers to be able to move to the center of their personal healthcare decisions, and Coachfrog aims to enable them to decide for themselves which kind of treatment they want to pursue.