Startup Grind Fireside chat with Rasmus Nutzhorn

11.10.2016 | 18:30
IBM Zurich
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David Butler

Rasmus is an entrepreneur & company builder. Speaker & thought-leader. CEO of Kessel Solar where we are challenging existing paradigms of established technologies by simplifying the design & use in order to solve major problems.

99 out of a 100 things do not turn out the way we thought. He tells us about the ability to stay in the grind - we talk about it as if it something that ends - the tunnel - the grind - but actually it’s a premise! A constant! Shit never goes as planned. live with it! live in it!

If not - then you will not see all the moments and days that make your life - you will constantly strive for something new  - because that is how we tick - startup people - entrepreneurs - we set new stretched dreams and images and goals and we move - and we need to set these epic goals - but if we forget to appreciate all the moments, seconds, hours where all the shit happens, then we will never be happy.