Startup Acceleration Workshops @ETHZ

03.10.2017 | 17:15 - 21:00
ETH, main building, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich
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The Startup Acceleration Workshops are a series of stand-alone events covering the know-how and tools required to define, launch and run a startup. Participants will accelerate their startup with the support of successful founders and industry leaders.

The series of eight workshops is based on a mission and challenge approach to enhance the validation and execution of your business case. Our goal is to support the best startup talents in Switzerland in order to build world-class startups the fastest way possible. And this is how we work together during our acceleration workshops:

  • Intro with key tools, checklists and objectives, using benchmark examples from successful founders

  • Identification of your individual priorities, key missions and tasks

  • Definition of your objectives and milestones, with a focus on maximized value creation

  • With experts' support you work and exchange on the identified core missions for your startup

  • Pitching, debriefing and challenging of your results. Get inputs to improve and accelerate

External industry experts/mentors/supporters will be invited to the workshops.

Apply if you have an innovative startup project and the ambition to conquer the world. Or if you are master student, doctoral candidate, postdoc or member of staff at ETH or EPFL carrying a solid high-tech startup project.

The Startup Acceleration Workshops will help you to:

  • Shape your entrepreneurial proposal

  • Build an execution track record

  • Validate the contents of the "investment-ready" package and offer it to investors

The workshops will take place evey tuesday and will contain the following content

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 1: The story of your startup

  • Stress test: who buys what and why?

  • Name of the game in your industry, checklist requirements

  • Build all essential communication tools, from intro mail to BP's

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 2: Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams

  • Checking the entrepreneurial readiness

  • Building and structuring the team

  • Building a networking plan to access key contacts and resources

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 3: Strategic clarity and execution roadmap

  • Define the value creation roadmap

  • Methodologies and tools to establish your execution plan

  • Communicating and executing the plan

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 4: Business Development at heart

  • Market entry points: Partners and customers profiling

  • Building and working the pipeline

  • Setting up the business development process

  • PRs and communication

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 5: The art of H2H (human to human)

  • Negotiating and building value added deals

  • Closing sales and partnership

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 6: Getting to operational excellence

  • What it takes to run a company

  • Setting up and growing a startup

  • Management tools for entrepreneurs

  • Plannings, cockpits and reports: Get in control

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 7: Building an investable vehicle

  • Foundation to create a solid company

  • Clearing legal aspects (incorporation, recruitment, regulations)

  • Capturing intellectual capital

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 8: Closing the investment

  • Accessing investors

  • Structuring and negotiating investment terms

  • Get ready for the funding process