Smart IP Strategy for Life Sciences Startups

29.04.2024 | 14:00 - 17:00
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Are you and your startup active in the life science sector? In no other field is a deliberate IP strategy more crucial for commercial success than in the life science industry.

Collaborations with large corporations, other startups and research providers require sharing your ideas and results with others as wells as receiving confidential information which may impact your own activities. Thorough agreements are therefore vital to ensure optimal outcome of such endeavors for your company.

Moreover, the requirements for protecting chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological inventions are far more demanding than for other technologies. Come and join us and get a deeper understanding of how to protect your knowhow and learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid mistakes along your journey.

Selected companies will be invited to join a workshop where experts will discuss the following topics:

  • Specific patent requirements and obstacles in the field of life science
  • Research and collaboration contracts and exchange of information
  • Presentation of a case study of a successful startup to illustrate how the IP portfolio was built up in a targeted manner



Andrea Carreira is a partner at Rentsch Partner AG focusing as a European Patent Attorney on chemistry, molecular biology and related technologies. As an Innosuisse Special Coach she also advices startups in developing their IP strategy.

Fabio Versolatto works as an attorney at law at Rentsch Partner AG, specialising in the fields of intellectual property, competition, contract and industrial law, and both advising clients and representing them in litigation. Hiw main areas of interest include legal disputes and legal advice to innovative companies on drafting and negotiation of contracts, such as development, distribution and license agreements. 

Christian Ebner is a European Patent Attorney at Rentsch Partner AG. He studied chemistry with emphasis organic chemistry at ETH Zurich and the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla USA.