Shake up the Workplace! A Future of Work Unconference

09.03.2020 | 08:00 - 20:00
Kunsthaus Zurich
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Be part of the "Future of Work" Ecosystem!


Bring your voice to four future dialogues to shake up the workplace where team leaders, HR leaders, the C-suite, human-centric individuals, NGOs, government leaders, startups, students and academia meet, sit at the same table and leave with an action plan. Be part of the ecosystem that lives and continues co-creation and exchange via our facilitated Shaker Community after the event. An unconference to connect, learn and most importantly take action. This is not a sales-event. And this is not an HR only event! The impact of taking the right actions for a positive and fair Future of Work is impacting all individuals and all departments at the workplace. An English-speaking Future of Work event that Zurich has not seen yet. Don't miss the chance to participate in this unique event at the Kunsthaus Zurich, where breakout sessions take place in the art galleries. For more information please also see the FAQ.