Quantum Computing hands on coding, Masterclass

31.01.2019 | 12:30 - 17:00
IBM Switzerland, 106 Vulkanstrasse, 8048 Zürich
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Do you want to learn how to code a quantum computer? Join the hands on coding masterclass with Roman Malina, Ingolf Wittmann and Sasha Lazarevic.



12:30 Registry

13:00 start


Quantum presentation

Demo Quantum Experience (a hands-on of the Composer, demonstrating EPR-pair and classical randomness vs. superposition)

Hands-on/how-to on getting Qiskit/Notebooks up and running (prerequisites: installed Jupyter, "pip install qiskit", obtained Qexperience-API-Token).

A tour of the Qiskit website, showing where to find information, tutorials, getting-started guides.

Hands-on building of a (simple) algorithm 

Debrief+Outlook on how to continue with Quantum, as an individual developer, or as an enterprise.


17:00 end