Product Scale-Up Coaching with Zühlke

28.02.2021 |
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Do you have a solid product idea or even a prototype? Then apply for the Product Scale-Up Coaching to develop your product with engineering experience from Zühlke.

Win a product scale-up coaching with Zühlke worth CHF 20,000Apply now to get expert advice on how to further innovate your product and successfully develop it beyond the concept or prototype stage. At the end of our session, you will walk away with a plan that will significantly boost your way to successful production (Hardware) or a stable release (Software).PLEASE NOTICE: There isn't a fixed date for the event and, after the selection process, Zühlke will communicate the winners and the next steps for the collaboration.Those eligible to participate:- Founding and managing members of startups- ICT, Engineering, Medtech startups that need support in the prototyping and/or industrialization phaseWe consider a broad variety of parameters to determine the winning cases. Among them is the completeness of the submission, our assessment of the market potential, the readiness for scale-up and whether we believe we can help to bring the start-up a step further.If your endeavor is in the HealthTech space and your primary goal is to get funding, please contact Zühlke Ventures directly.What our alumni say..“We really enjoyed working together  with Zühlke and we felt that Zühlke  understood the problems we face due  to their comprehensive experience in  the medical device field. The product  related questions and the technical  input to approach some of our  challenges differently, were highly  stimulating. All in all, we had a great time during the workshop sessions with fruitful, exciting discussions and also a lot of fun during the coffee breaks.” Lukas Langenegger, CEO and co-founder Hemotune“Zuhlke workshop gave us more  production thinking specific to our  project as their experts worked on a  similar hardware recently. We learned  that some components may cause  problems with certification, production discontinuation, etc. Finally they saved our ass by providing us with a component that solved our critical technical problem.” Tomas Sluka, CEO and co-founder of CREAL“We had the pleasure of receiving a  UX workshop from Zühlke. The  challenge we faced was how to  incentivize users to change their  habits. Zühlke came well prepared  and had actionable ideas on how to  improve our user experience. They also supported with the design work,  providing us with ready-to-implement app screens. We especially enjoyed their colleagual spirit and the open mindedness and would immediately work with Zühlke again.” David Eberle, co-founder TypewiseAbout ZühlkeZühlke helps startups to identify, develop and  test new ideas as a strong innovation partner.  By combining both business and technology expertise, Zühlke creates powerful products that satisfy customers. Zühlke can achieve this   by drawing on the experience of over 1000 in-house experts and of more than 10’000 successful projects.