opus néoi - FFF Event 2017 at Zurich - Invest in the future of skin care

21.02.2017 | 19:00 - 22:00
ZHAW, Lagerstrasse 41, 8000 Zürich
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Simon Fahrni

Join Opus Neoi at their FFF Events! The startup and its vision of personalized skin care will be presented on this occasion.


The team wants to present its super interesting start-up, give insights on what it has already done, what the nexts steps will be and what their vision for the start-up is. Interested private investors can invest in the start-up: Pre-money evaluation is 1 mio CHF. 


The event starts at 19h with a quick intro, 30 minutes presentation, a Q&A session and of course, a small apéro afterwards.

About the startup:

opus néoi is a newly founded spin-off of the ZHAW in Winterthur and develops an instrument to measure, monitor and track your skin condition regarding humidity and skin aging. Until now, there is no means for end consumers of cosmetic products to verify the impact of the products used on their own skin condition. Many people spend money on products that don't fit their individual needs and have a hard time finding the right product amongst the huge variety available on the market. 

With its patented core-technology, the startup is able to assess your skin condition in an easy-to-use and cost-effective way. Through the coupled app, you get recommendations and feedback on how your cosmetic treatment, and the lifestyle you live, affect your skin. Profit from insights of dermatologists and cosmetic companies and find your ideal treatment faster, easier and more cost-effective.

  • First event: 
    February 21, 19 - 21h, ZHAW, Lagerstrasse 41, 8000 Zürich, Room ZL O5.01
  • Second event: 
    February 23, 19 - 21, ZHAW, Technikumstrasse 9, 8400 Winterthur, Room TL 202

Please sign up on the startup homepage.

The team is looking forward to meeting you!

opus néoi GmbH

Simon Fahrni / Patrick von Schulthess