Making Change Work

20.04.2018 | 17:00
Impact Hub Zürich - Garage 33 Geroldstrasse 8005 Zürich
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Stride invites audience to the workshop session on applied practice theory for changemakers


Changemakers of all sorts - from coaches, organizational developers over social activists to policy makers and impact entrepreneurs - work with an implicit or explicit theory of change. Our assumptions play a key role in how we understand problems and challenges and how we construct ideas and solutions.

This LAB offers a fresh perspective for re-thinking and doing change work by drawing on the socio-material approach of practice theory. Offering a new take on addressing “systemic challenges”, this LAB will allow you to rethink your own assumptions, apply basic ethnographic observational skills and develop a fresh and grounded perspective on where and how to enable change and impact. In the spirit of the STRIDE LAB philosophy, we will experiment with and take collective steps towards a new change and impact canvas.

Upon successful completion of a pre-assignment (1-3h), the workshop (12h) and a post-assignment (8-14h) demonstrating expected learning outcomes, participants will obtain an unCertificate of Completion (equivalent of 1 ECTS).