Learn to code during EU Code Week

18.10.2017 | 18:00 - 20:21
ewz-Unterwerk Selnau 25 Selnaustrasse 8001 Zürich
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During this workshop, participants will learn how to code with Master21 & WST Zurich during EU Code Week.

We Shape Tech’s second event will be taking place during EU Code week in collaboration with Master21. Startups are invited to register to get hands –on coding. The event focuses fully on «tech» to provide participants hands on coding. Improving one’s skill set by gaining experience with code can increase a mutual understanding of a project for all stakeholders involved and support communication within – besides the fact that coding is not magic but fun and empowering!

Participants will get an overview of modern web applications and learn hands-on how to use HTML and CSS. By the end of the evening at the new eventspace «Kraftwerk», they will be the proud creator of a simple self-coded website.

Who can apply

Is this workshop for you?
Men and women interested in learning to code are welcome. This workshop is for absolute beginners. The only thing they need to know is how to open a website in their browser. 

Please bring your own computer.