IPO readiness for biotech

27.01.2023 | 09:00 - 12:30
SIX, Pfingstweidstrasse 110, Zürich
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In this workshop, industry experts will provide first-hand information and people with real-life experiences who already went through the challenges of a biotech IPO share their learnings.

Initial public offerings (IPO) are a special type of fund raising. For biotech companies it’s even more special as they are rarely profitable and do not have a commercial track record. How do you present biotech companies aiming for an IPO to investors? What is the role of legal advisors, auditors, and banks in this process? What is needed to conduct a successful IPO?
Even if you are not planning to prepare for an IPO, it is always good to understand the process.


Andreas Emmenegger, CFO, Molecular Partners
Chandra Leo, Partner, HBM Partners
Fabian Gerber, Senior Relationship Manager, SIX
Viktoriya Lombardo, Director Audit & Assurance, Deloitte AG
Karina Chavez, Director Audit & Assurance, Deloitte AG
Mark Hammarskjold, Head Equity Capital Markets Switzerland, Credit Suisse
Alex Herrmann, Equity Capital Markets Switzerland, Credit Suisse

The workshop is ideal for

  • CEOs and CFOs of biotech companies
  • Investors, who invest in biotech companies
  • Anyone interested in understanding IPOs of biotechs