International Future of Mobility

22.06.2020 | 12:11
Technopark Winterthur Schulungsraum 1130, 1. OG, Eingang A Technoparkstrasse 2 8401 Winterthur
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The two-day event will bring together experts in the field of mobility technology, services, policy and legislation.


More than 500+ conference attendees including 40+ international speakers and 100+ exhibitors will attend the event. More than 2000 1:1 meetings will he held.The program showcases how the newest technologies enable new and improved mobility solutions, services, business models and will help to address mega challenges such as that of traffic congestion, pollution, but also fatal accidents (40k in the US and 260k in China every year). In addition, international public policies and legislation best practices will be presented and discussed. The core questions of the conference are: Will 2020 be the year when autonomous driving arrives? Are flying cars a reality to come and if so when and where? Will autonomous driving bring more or less congestion? How can public policies such as taxation be optimized? What will the impact be on car insurances?