Intensive Day Workshop on early-stage investing

05.09.2017 | 09:30 - 21:00
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Anastasia Bedova

Participate in a full-day comprehensive workshop on early-stage investing and receive first-hand insights from experienced business angels.


Brigitte Buamann , the Founder and former CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing, will lead the workshop and share her knowledge and experience through an interactive case study discussion complemented by a Q&A session. After the training, all the participants will have an opportunity to take part in a live investment event.

who is this for?

  • Investors-to-be and those who would like to learn more about this opportunity

  • Novice investors who would like to learn from the experts

  • Experienced investors who would like to share best practices

  • Entrepreneurs who want to better understand what early-stage financing entails

  • Individuals eager to explore the world of startups

Event program

09.30 - 13.00 - Early-stage Investing Overview: explore the early-stage investing process from sourcing investment opportunities to managing and exiting investments.

14.30 - 17.30 - Deal Terms: understand term sheets and shareholder agreements, key principles of capital structure and steps and tips for closing a deal.

17.45 - 18.30 - Awareness Seminar: learn about Go Beyond, its international angel investor community and multi-country investment options.

18.30 - 21.00 - Investment event: Listen to 2 or 3 selected companies pitching for financing, meet and engage with other investors from our community.

About Briggite Baumann
Brigitte Baumann is the Founder and former CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. In May 2015 EBAN (the European trade association for Business Angels and Seed Funds) named her European Investor of the Year. She is President Emeritus of EBAN and Chairs the Young Presidents Organization’s global Angel Investing group.

Brigitte has 20+ years experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe. She was the CEO and Director of iWORLD Group, a VC backed, global developer of mobile content. She was Senior Vice President and General Manager Internet at American Express (Amex) Corporate Services. Prior to that, Brigitte spent three years as President for US/Canada of Gemalto, a world leader in smart card technology. She also worked at McKinsey & Company as Senior Engagement Manager.