Intellectual Property in a nutshell - What is worth of protection?

31.03.2022 | 14:00 - 17:00
Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep AG, Schiffbaustrasse 2 (5.floor) 8031 Zürich
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Through the experience and knowledge of two female lawyers, female entrepreneurs learn more about the most relevant, legal issues.

At this event, Louisa Galbraith, Associate at MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep AG and Anna Beltzung, CTO and Co-founder at dimpora, will focus on the topic "Intellectual Property in a nutshell - What is worthy of protection?". The entrepreneurs will learn what needs to be protected and how to properly approach this process.


  • 14:00-14:15 Welcome and introduction
  • 14:15-14:45 Input session on the topic "Intellectual Property in a nutshell - What is worthy of protection?" in combination with the experience of Anna Beltzung
  • 14:45-15:00 Q&A session
  • 15:00-15:15 Break
  • 15:15-16:15 Group discussion on legal issues
  • 16:15-16:30 Wrapping up
  • 16:30-17:00 Apéro and networking