How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome At Career Crossroads

01.02.2020 | 09:00 - 18:00
Bluelion Incubator - Hafnerei Hafnerstrasse 31 · Zürich
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Impostor Syndrome is an invisible phenomenon that can negatively affect life and career decisions if not kept in check. Thanks to LEGO <SERIOUS PLAY> activities and research insights, this workshop will provide practical tools to overcome self-doubt with a positive and proactive mindset.


Do you feel that your work achievements and performance are mostly due to luck? Have you ever experienced feeling like a fraud at work? Are you afraid to pursue exciting opportunities like a promotion or a new career path because you doubt you are competent enough and you will fail?If any of your answers are yes, then you might have fallen in the Impostor Syndrome - an invisible phenomenon that can heavily affect life and career decisions if not kept in check.Join our workshop and find out how to address these questions with a positive, proactive mindset.We will share insights from psychology studies, identify personal challenges and help you map your own capabilities with the use of LEGOⓇ SERIOUS PLAYⓇ methodology.You will be immersed in a reflective and open environment where you will be able to share your experience with like-minded people and trained facilitators.WORKSHOP OUTLINE:9.00 Registration and coffee9.30 The Psychology Behind Impostor Syndrome10.00 LEGOⓇ SERIOUS PLAYⓇ Activity: Identify Issues12.00 Lunch13.00 LEGOⓇ SERIOUS PLAYⓇ Activity: Build Solutions16.00 Insights gathering, reflection17.00 NetworkingYOUR FACILITATORS:Cristina Moraru is a job search consultant with a background in research psychology. At Worthful Woman, she leverages psychology insights to devise efficient job search strategies for women who are relocating spouses in Switzerland.Clelia Calabrò is a startup founder and certified LEGOⓇ SERIOUS PLAYⓇ facilitator. With the use of this methodology, she will guide you on a journey of self-reflection to help you identify actual strengths and capabilities to overcome self-doubt.WHERE - WHEN - HOW:The event will take place on February 1st at Bluelion, Hafnerstrasse 31.We are planning to keep the activities on a very intimate level, for this reason, we will not be able to accept more than 10 people.To save your spot sign up now at particular knowledge is required for this workshop, just stay open and wonderful things will happen.Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. Light lunch will also be provided - please let us know of any allergy or food indication.If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Clelia at or Cristina at worthfulwoman@gmail.comWe look forward to meeting soon and explore individual strengths together!Clelia and Cristina