How To Attract Your Ideal Candidates In 2024: Mastering First Impressions

01.02.2024 | 08:45 - 12:45
Impact Hub Colab
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Tired of getting tons of CVs that don't align with your company? Frustrated with watching your dream candidates join competitors? Exhausted from losing ideal candidates right before the final interview? This action-oriented, 4-hour event will give you the keys to unlock a new era for your company’s approach to recruitment.

What we bring to the table:

-Keynotes with experts from Google, VideoJobs, The Rebel Company, Identity Creative Studio
-Workshops on Employer Branding Strategy, Recruitment, Video Content, and Branding focusing on effective communication to attract potential candidates
-Industry insights on how to build an effective first impression with your ideal candidates
-Premium networking opportunities
-Inspiring atmosphere
-Light breakfast and refreshments

What you take home:

-Practical tips you can implement immediately
-Valuable connections with industry peers
-Deep insights into current market trends
-Concrete steps to enhance your unique situation

Who should attend:

-Recruiters on the lookout for game-changing strategies
-Founders and co-founders growing their businesses
-Marketers aiming to build a brand that resonates with ideal candidates

Who we are:

  • Clelia Calabrò: Employer Branding Strategist with +10 years combined of international experience across academia and innovation, on a mission to narrow the gap between university and innovative companies. Founder at The Rebel Company
  • Federica Bruzzone: Not your average branding expert. With a background in business, hospitality, and design, I am on a mission to empower businesses to become the undeniable choice for their audience through simplification, strategic connections, and stunning design. Founder at Identity Creative Studio
  • Timo Gunia: Recruitment and Business Professional with a decade of international experience, from agency to multinational corporations. Currently helping startups build hiring strategies, high-performing teams, and business growth. Founder at Gunia Consulting
  • Yannik Odiet: Entrepreneur and Videographer dedicated to creating a positive candidate experience, harnessing the influence of media to make it easy for employers to stand out and connect with top talent - CEO & Co-Founder - VIDEOJOBS

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