Freelancers Week 2021 Kick-off Day

18.10.2021 | 09:00 - 17:00
CreativeSpace Zürich, Luegislandstrasse 105, 8051 Zürich
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This year's European Freelancers Week from 18 to 24 October unites freelancers on a free coworking day at CreativeSpace Zürich to boost their productivity with the Pomodoro technique.

The Freelancers week is a weeklong event designed for individuals that: work better when working alongside other focused people who expect the same focus from you; have some hard work to push through and want to find a great work environment to get it done, or are just tired of working on their own and looking for the positive energy that comes with working alongside others
you want to check out coworking with all of its perks for a day.

The event will introduce to them the Pomodoro technique, an established method to boost productivity. The name is derived from the Pomodoro timer used to break the day into defined time slots; 25-minute work sessions and 5-minute breaks. By making sure people can declare their goal for the session before it begins, the event will add an accountability element. The 5-minute breaks between sessions will allow participants to chat and get to know their group, and get fresh coffees.

The benefits of Pomodoro sessions are as following:

  • Accountability – the action of sharing your intended goal for a work period is powerful as it creates internal accountability to get it done.
  • Deadline – we work with a timer to make sure you can’t slack.
  • Networking – use the 5-minute break for breathing, disconnecting, and chatting with members in the channel or a physical meetup. Making those connections is powerful, so invest time in it as those could be your future co-founders, team members, investors, suppliers and clients.


09:00 Common Pomodoro sessions (25/5 minutes intervals)
12:30 Lunchtime (the universal language of pizza and coke)
13:00 Livestreaming of the European Freelancers Week opening ceremony
14:00 Deep Work phase
17:00 Launch of the Swiss Freelancers Survey 2021, drinks and networking

Feel free to join for the whole day, join for the lunch and afternoon session or just for the launch and after-work networking. Registration is compulsory.

Swiss Freelancers Survey Launch
Swiss Freelancers is a new association that connects freelancers across Switzerland and gives them more visibility, both as individual service providers and as a growing way of working. Freelancing, be it full-time or part-time as a part of a work portfolio with one or multiple part-time jobs and family, is on the rise also in Switzerland. However, political focus and legal structures still target the old-style ‘100% salaried job’ model. This is where Swiss Freelancers aim to impact the freelancer community, and the survey is the first step to get an overview of the state of freelancing in Switzerland in 2021.