Fireside chat with Aike Festini & Maite Mihm (LuckaBox)

10.03.2020 | 18:30 - 22:00
WeSpace Coworking - Bahnhofstrasse 62 Zurich, 8001
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Within only six months, LuckaBox built the largest platform of truly affordable on-demand delivery services in Switzerland. Learn more about the founders during the fireside chat.


Luckabox, a logistics startup founded by two women, takes a customer-driven approach to online shopping deliveries, connecting retailers, shoppers and independent carriers (typically bike couriers) with a streamlined and flexible shared platform. The Uber-style model is easy to understand, yet innovative enough to have won the first-ever European Supply Chain Startup Contest.Initially self-funded, then raised several funding rounds, expanded to other countries, and now have founded the spinoff sweeep tech - the first company in Europe to specialize in technology and logistics services for e-scooters. The funders share more of their story at the startup grind event.