Fireside-chat Panel: Collaboration of Body & Mind

22.11.2019 | 17:00
ImpactHub Colab Zurich
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Mental health for startup founders is an important topic to be aware of. This panel will focus in the Collaboration of Body & Mind, a theme crucial for a startup to thrive! Our panelist will will guide us to a deeper understanding of this relation between the physical and the psychological and how well-being at work can be tackled in practical ways.


Danna Levy Hoffmann is a certified health and lifestyle coach and the founder of Organilicious, helping men and women everywhere embrace new levels of healthy living by reaching deliciously sustainable lifestyle changes. Danna focuses on looking at health in a holistic way, focusing not only on the food we eat, but the way we live, think and interact. she’s helping people reduce the stress and exhaustion that comes with body health and weight issues, thanks to her soon decade of study and leadership in personal nutrition. Annie-Laure Fernandez Unsworth is a Zürich based Holistic life coach that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with many other intuitive and spiritual practices. As an active member of the DavosBlockbase team, she coaches global conscious entrepreneurs in an inner/ outer, as above so below approach that balances, grounds and aligns being with doing creating, therefore, a balance between purpose and impactful action.