Fintech conference “Finance 2.0”: Call4Innovation

14.03.2017 | 08:00 - 17:30
Schiffbau Zurich Escher Wyss CH-8005 Zurich (Switzerland)
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The 5th edition of the Finance 2.0 conference has been launched. Entrepreneurs with an affiliation to fintech, particularly, from the fields of Crytofinance and InsurTech are invited to register. 6 selected startups will also present before the jury. The event takes place on 14 March 2017 at Schifbau Zürich.

After last year’s fully booked Finance 2.0, the Cryptofinance and the very first InsurTech, the story continues at the upcoming flagship conference “Finance 2.0“.

Fintech entrepreneur who are able to share a gripping use case which has not been heard of yet are invited to participate and present their solutions. Eligible to apply are entrepreneurs with new solutions for AI, Digital Identity or API. apply for our «Fintech on stage».

Finance 2.0 is the place to meet the key players and opinion makers of the Fintechscene in person and definitely have a conversation with. Participating startups will not only present to, but meet as well innovation-oriented bankers, investors and other important multipliers.

Sought for are innovative business models for investment management, asset management, retail banking, finance and insurance. Also business models, which support existing products and services like Big Data/algorithms, customer experience etc. are may apply.

An independent jury will select out of all applications the top 6 fintechs. These will have the opportunity to present within seven minutes in an innovative manner in front of an audience of 400 guests.

More information will be sent out by email in due course. The Website Finance 2.0 will be updated regularly. Registration for the 5th Finance 2.0 is now open.